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Crypto Currency Services

Crypto Currency ICO or ITO Coin Creation

With our partner FYE Software Inc. who specializes in ICO's (Initial Coin Offering) and ITO's (Initial Token Offering) we provide a variety of must need Crypto Currency Services.

The full package includes coin creation, market creation, wallet creation, white paper, and a coin website. Call us for a quote 650-412-2222 Ext 3

There are so many uses for your own coin. For instance you can raise funds by sending coins to investors, use them for bonuses for your employees, give them to clients as added incentives for doing business with your company, or issue them as dividends for shareholders. The possibilities are endless.

If you are a public company one thing to understand is that a coin is purely an asset and this asset is reflected on your books. For instance if you have 25,000,000 coins like Bitcoin does and your coin is trading around $0.50 that is an asset with an evaluation of $12,500,000.00. Imagine when the coin gets upwards of $10.00, your shareholders will be ecstatic of there PPS evaluation.


Coin Creation

Whether an ICO (initial Coin Offering) or an ITO (Initial Token Offering) we can help create the right coin for you.

Incredibly fast turn around time, we can have your coin ready for trading in less than 5 business days.

  • Own your own Currency
  • Raise funds with the Coin
  • Increase your business
  • Increase your assets

Market Creation

One of the most important yet forgotten about items when making your coin is building a community to support and utilize your coin. Our team will tackle this for you immediately after your coin is created and continue to do so as long as you want us to.

  • Establish your coins market
  • Increase investor confidence
  • Establish market liquidity
  • Trade your coin on the market

White Paper

One of the most important items to have with a coin is the white paper. It is a lengthy document describing everything about your coin. This is what investors and traders look at before purchasing your coin.

  • Instant Awareness
  • Professionally Written White Paper
  • Increase your Coins Value
  • Generate Interest

Coin Website

Our team will design a professionally made website that is all about your coin. Include the white paper and crowd funding and you have the making of a great asset for your company.

If you are in need of hosting the website we can take care of that for you too.

  • Increase the Amount of Investors
  • Improve Investor Confidence
  • Market your coin
  • Continual Exposure

Crowd Funding

Our team will help you establish a crowd funding mechanism for your coin. We do recommend a website for your coin and the white paper before beginning your crowd funding.

  • Raise Money
  • Gain New Investors
  • Increase Exposure
  • Improve Overall Investor Confidence