We will ReTweet each of your Tweets up to 1,000,000 investors for 30 days.

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Years of experience writing content for investors on Twitter has made us specialist.

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Reach hundreds of thousands of investors through our opt in email subscribers.

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We have over 10,000,000 investors
and counting in our reach through twitter.

All Opt-In, how? Anyone who follows your account is opted in to receive your tweets or retweets.

Filtered, categorized and targeted by bio's, tweets, and a collection of who they follow.

Content Services

Need help creating content for Twitter?

With years of experience writing investor content on Twitter we know what works and what doesn't. Have our specialized investor content team put together the content for you.

  • Tweet content that catches the eyes of the investors.
  • Hashtags that will promote targeted and high ranking search results of your Tweets.
  • Video clips about your company that will increase your Tweet exposure.
  • Proper Tweet dynamics that produce exceptional results.
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How We Do It

Targeted Investors

Our software builds investor followers by targeting specific search phrases or existing twitter accounts.

Verified Interest

First our software verifies the user is interested by looking through their bio and tweets, keying in specific words and phrases.

Two way Confirmation

Our software then follows the user they in turn the user will follow back if interested in the profile.

Active Users

This creates the targeted followers and also verifies the followers are active users of twitter.

Real Time Statistics

Access real time statistics for your retweets, favorites, and emails.

See the impact

Access Statistics

View real time statistics for retweets, favorites and email services.

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Product Pricing

ReTweet & Favorite Services

Unlimited ReTweet's of your Tweets to millions of investors by the week or month.

How it Works

It's very simple but effective, our system reads your Twitter feed and ReTweets & Favorite any Tweet you send to investor followers.

No longer will you need to use a separate interface to reach investors. Just log into your Twitter account web/mobile/device and send a tweet, we will automatically ReTweet it out to hundreds of thousands of investors.

  1. Gain additional exposure just because of the volume of ReTweets & Favorites.
  2. You can send unlimited amount of Tweets and we will ReTweet & Favorite them all.
  3. Grow your investor Twitter followers.
  4. Unleash your Tweets to investors through your Twitter account.
  5. Increase traffic to your website naturally through Tweets that are ReTweeted & Favorited.
  6. Organically increase visibility of your Tweets on Twitter searches.

A two hour set up window is required if you want us to create the campaign for you.

Daily ReTweet & Favorite Pricing
** Investor Reach is for each Tweet you send.
ReTweet AmountFavorite AmountInvestor ReachPrice
200 - 30050 - 60300,000$300.00
500 - 60050 - 60600,000$525.00
1000 - 110050 - 601,200,000$900.00
Weekly ReTweet & Favorite Pricing
** Investor Reach is for each Tweet you send.
ReTweet AmountFavorite AmountInvestor ReachPrice
200 - 30050 - 60300,000$600.00
500 - 60050 - 60600,000$1,050.00
1000 - 110050 - 601,200,000$1,800.00
Monthly ReTweet & Favorite Pricing
** Investor Reach is for each Tweet you send.
ReTweet AmountFavorite AmountInvestor ReachPrice
200 - 30050 - 60300,000$1,500.00
500 - 60050 - 60600,000$2,700.00
1000 - 110050 - 601,200,000$4,800.00

Email Services

Over the years marketing on Twitter 300,000+ investors have subscribed to our investor newsletters.

How it Works
Email Content Process
  1. You send us the content for the body of the email.
  2. Our team will place it into an email template and send it to you for approval.
  3. If you have adjustments we will make them and send it to you for approval.
  • You send us the time and day to send.
  • You can break down the amount of emails in denominations of 5,000.
  • You can send them all in one day or over a period of 30 days.
Email Stats

We track and will send you the following in a report.

  • Sent
  • Delivered
  • Opens
  • Unique Opens
  • Clicks
  • Unique Clicks
New - Double the Impact

Our email service now includes follow up emails sent to subscribers who open the original email within 60 minutes. This is an extremely effective way of reaching investors who have opened the original email.

The content process is the same as the original email process.

Email Pricing
Emails SentPrice

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