Send Tweets any time to our investor followers.

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Send ReTweets any time to our investor followers.

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Purchase a large campaign and reach 4 to 8 million investors in days.

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Add thousands of followers to your existing Twitter account in a few days.

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We have over 9,000,000 investors
and counting in our reach through twitter.

All Opt-In, how? Anyone who follows your account is opted in to receive your tweets or retweets.

Filtered, categorized and targeted by bio's, tweets, and a collection of who they follow.

Real Time Statistics

Access real time statistics for your tweets, retweets, and favorites.

See the impact

Access Statistics

View real time tweets, retweets, and favorites statistics for your campaigns anytime.

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How We Do It

Targeted Investors

Our software builds investor followers by targeting specific search phrases or existing twitter accounts.

Verified Interest

First our software verifies the user is interested by looking through their bio and tweets, keying in specific words and phrases.

Two way Confirmation

Our software then follows the user they in turn the user will follow back if interested in the profile.

Active Users

This creates the targeted followers and also verifies the followers are active users of twitter.

Managed Campaigns

Why a Managed Campaign?

If you are unfamiliar with utilizing Twitter as a way to reach investors we offer managed campaigns. We will work towards building a campaign that optimizes Tweets and ReTweets for your company. Reach our entire amount of followers every week, over 9 million with Tweets, Re-Tweets and Emails. Every investors email has opted in to our investor subscription newsletter. All Tweets, ReTweets and emails are reviewed and approved by you before any are sent. If you are interested in a Managed campaign

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Product Pricing

Pay as you Go

Anytime you want to send a tweet or re-tweet to investors just purchase points.
Send as much as you want, if you want to reach 100,000 investors no problem just purchase 100,000 Tweet or ReTweet points ($100.00).

Tweet Pricing
ReTweet Pricing


Reach millions of investors with campaign points.

How it Works

Our system sends a tweet to over 300k investor followers every 3 hours. A maximum of 7 Tweets, 7 ReTweets and 7 Favorites can be sent every day.

What are Campaign Points

A campaign point is equal to 1 Tweet, 1 ReTweet and 1 Favorite that is sent to an average of 300,000 investors.

There are three options for your Tweets.

  1. Create your own Tweets in the campaigns area after you have created the campaign.
  2. Use our auto generated Tweets.
    • These tweets include a urls you have added to the campaign, popular investor hashtags to increase viability and your company's twitter account if you have one.
  3. Use Press Releases as Tweets.
    • Your company's press releases are automatically added to your campaign. With in the campaign console you can edit, add images and select which press release tweets to send.

You can use the campaign points on as many different campaigns as you like. Example: If you purchase 14 points you can use 7 points (1 Day) for company A and 7 points (1 day) for company B. You can use them on separate days or the same day, it's up to you.

Real time Stats are available in the campaign control panel. Also stats from the day including Tweets, ReTweets, Favorites, amount of followers reached, and date/time will be emailed to you at the end of the day.

  • Compete control over all the tweets.
  • Turn on/off the auto generated tweets.
  • Turn on/off, create, edit, and add images to your own tweets.
  • Turn on/off, edit, and add images to your news tweets that are automatically added anytime news is released.
  • View stats of tweets, retweets and favorites at any time.
  • Add, Edit website urls and Twitter Accounts that are used in the tweets.
  • Receive stats daily via email

A two hour set up window is required if you want us to create the campaign for you.

Campaign Pricing
TweetsReTweetsInvestor ReachPrice

The investor reach is a calculated by the number of tweets multiplied by an average of 300,000 per tweet. Our unique follower base is currently just over 9,000,000. All tweets, retweets, and favorites are sent to this follower base.

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